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Thank you for stopping by!

The Sticklies are a wholesale personalized stick figure stationery manufacturer...

Established in the year 2000. Gary Groobman looked upon a bleak future in the world of stationery and had a vision. In his vision he saw stationery with cute whimsical stick characters representing everyday people. Gary knew he wasn't the only one with a desire for stationery that represented his light-hearted, cheerful approach to life. Thus he created "The Sticklies Family Stationery" to provide the means for sending our notes, messages, announments, invites, and most importantly, our thoughts and love to each other.

A decade later The Sticklies is still going strong. We are constantly brain storming and exchanging ideas with our customers to make our products stand out above the rest. We strive for complete satisfaction on their orders because we like to see people happy about their purchase. We'd like people to walk away from The Sticklies feeling just as good about the product that represents them as we do about the products that represent us.

Thank you for your interest in what we do!

-The Sticklies